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Memorial Inscriptions


At Steven Bell Memorials our commitment is to help you provide an inscription that best reflects your loved ones, and which will comfort you at your time of loss. When a loved one has been laid to rest in a cemetery the final stage of closure involves the placement of a headstone or grave marker identifying their grave. It is here that we are given one final occasion to communicate to the world the significance of our loved one. The verse or epitaph gives you the chance to say something personal about the deceased. This might be a prayer for God to look after them, or a way of thanking them for their life or simply to say good bye. It will often contain a heading, name, the dates of birth and death, their relationships and a short message or verse. Epitaphs are often inspired by the decedent’s life and accomplishments. The most famous epitaph is simply, “Rest in Peace.”
Headstone epitaphs take on many forms and are derived from many sources. One of the most popular forms are taken from biblical scripture. Bereaved family members often choose a biblical verse as an epitaph as it may exhibit some virtuous quality that was a characteristic of the decedent’s life and some choose to write a headstone epitaph detailing the accomplishments of the decedent’s life. Whatever the subject a epitaph allows us to post our reflections of the personalities and achievements of the departed, marking their existence here on Earth. The choice of wording on the memorial can be the most personal thing of all and much thought should be given to this. We will be able to advise you on the style of letterings for the memorial. A Roman font is a classic choice. A heading in Olde English can be very distinctive, while italics might be used for a quote from a poem or religious text.



At Steven Bell Memorials we know the importance of quality craftsmanship within our workshops, and we always strive to develop trust with those who require our services. We earn this trust from our customers by providing the highest quality memorial headstones, giving you the best remembrance possible for a loved one who will be missed. We will help you to choose or design the most suitable headstone, memorial or gravestone, from our large selection of premium quality granite headstones and designs, using the most up to date techniques. The most popular materials for headstones in the UK Cemeteries and churchyards are Granite and Marble. Granite is usually the shiny polished headstone material and comes in a variety of colours. The white unpolished headstone material is marble. The type of headstone you choose should represent the deceased’s personality and complement the epitaph. It’s important to know how much text or images you’d like before you make your decision. This will ensure you have enough space to present your message in a smart and sophisticated manner. There are many different types of headstone available in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Each one can be customised to create something completely unique. You may want to consider hand etching a picture or family emblem onto the headstone. Images often represent the lifestyle or beliefs of the deceased. For example, if they were an avid music lover, a picture of a guitar may be suitable. Symbols such as roses, doves or a bible, are very common. Ceramics can also be used if you’d like a photograph on the gravestone. Complete peace of mind is what makes Steven Bell Memorials special. Our customers trust us to provide a huge range of headstones and memorials, with the added insurance of exceptional customer service and support etc.


Sand Blasting


Sandblasting involves using highly pressurized air and sand to blast away the materials on the stone. It is very popular technique because it can be used on a variety of granite. It’s also especially useful with engraving dates and names into headstones and monuments. Laser etching is preferred on black or other dark coloured headstones or monuments because darker colours provide the most contrast between the varying colours present in the stone and brings out much more detail in the photo or design. Since laser etching takes place on dark, polished granite, the lighter, unpolished granite underneath provides a stark distinction between the two colours. This is the primary reason why many monument companies and headstone dealers will recommend black or other dark colours of granite for those who wish to have laser etching. Compared to sandblasting, laser etching is also less labour intensive. The real trick is transferring the photographic image to the stone and keeping the lines in the image straight. The most popular type of monument design is sandblasting or engraving. There are two basic types of sandblasted design: flat carved and shape carved. Flat carved sandblasted designs are a one step sandblast process in which the designs and or lettering are sandblasted into the high quality solid granite through a pre-cut stencil that is attached to the headstone. This results in the design and lettering being engraved into the granite 1/4″ to 3/8″ deep. This is the most affordable way to add characters, letters, and designs onto the memorial of your choice. Many people choose to enhance the overall design of the monument by adding a lithochrome stone paint to the engraved characters or design to make it “pop”. The second type of sandblasting is called shaped carved or out carved. This type of design is more involved and usually requires a two-step process. In this process the headstone is sandblasted and then blasted again for more depth and shape in the design.

Hand Cut Lettering and Raised Lead Lettering


Letter Cutting (By Hand)


At Steven Bell Memorials when we carry out a additional inscription we pride ourselves on copying the first inscription i.e if the original has been carved by hand the additional will be to match unlike other companies around who will just sand blast the additional quickness or they cannot hand carve witch results in the additional looking nothing like the first inscription.Hand cut lettering if drawn on to the stone then cut with hammer and chisel then finished with paint, Gold leaf or Lead.

Incimar Machine Cut


In the late 70’s early 80’s this machine became popular for neat precision V cut lettering now we mainly use it for additional inscription work to match up inscriptions origianly cut on the incimar machine

Raised Lead

Rasied lead is traditional lettering seen mostly on hard granite, Lead tape is hammered in to small holes drilled into the granite and then the letter is cut out by cutting the exess lead leaving a proud lead letter to be painted

Cleaning & Renovation


Whether your headstone or memorial is made of granite, marble, limestone or another natural material your memorial may become susceptible to the weather over time. Sun, rain and wind may cause eventual marking or erosions to your memorial which is why at Steven Bell Memorials we offer a complete renovation and repair service in order to keep your memorial looking its very best.

Steven Bell Memorials offer a professional renovation service in our surrounding areas

We can offer a complete renovation of your headstone, which could involve re-gilding or re-cutting the inscription. Whatever your needs, we are here to help you every step of the way. We take all care and pride with your memorial

For further information on our memorial renovation service or for an no obligation quotation, simply give us a call today on 01429 865572. Alternatively, you can visit our showroom and works at 15 Hart Lane, Hartlepool TS26 8RJ. Or you can fill out a request form in our contacts page online and we will get back to you.

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